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Patient Education is an important aspect of surgical care. We believe that patients, parents and caregivers are our best partners. The attached patient resources are for different surgical conditions and their treatments or operations. These resources explain the condition or disease, its treatment and the applicable post-operative care. We endeavour that this supplements the clinical consultation with the patient and cements the important take home messages.

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Acute Appendicitis and Appendicectomy

My child has appendicitis!
What can be done about it?
How should I care for my child after the surgery?

Bedwetting/ Nocturnal Enuresis

Bedwetting is a common symptom in children. 

With repeated episodes in a toilet trained child, it is worrying to parents who do not understand why it happens. Sometimes, parents misinterpret it as the child being naughty or showing temper or trying to get attention, as seen in this educational cartoon. 



Parents may contemplate whether their child ought to have a circumcision and when is the best time. Read on to find out more including how is circumcision performed and the recovery post circumcision.

Congenital Cystic Lung Lesions

The recorded Webinar and CME talk on Congenital Cystic Lung Lesions: Clinical Presentations and Controversies. This was well received by obstetricians, paediatricians and general practitioners. Thank you all for your attendance and making it an interesting experience! There were unfortunately times of laggy or interrupted internet connection, which we sincerely apologise for. Please feel free to contact us if there are any queries!
icecream-epigastric hernia

Epigastric Hernia and Repair

Are you concerned that your child has a bulge or a noticeable bump over his/ her body? 

Hernias ( weak spot or opening over the tummy wall) are common. Some children are born with it. There are different types of hernias. Surgery repair is a common procedure.


Inguinal Hernia and Repair

An incidental finding of a lump at a child’s groin may sometimes be alarming to parents. What could it be? What is an inguinal hernia and is it dangerous? Read on more on treatment options and recovery post surgery…



I was told my child has an intussusception (intus). What is it?

Intus occurs when a segment of bowel (the intussusceptum) telescopes into the lumen of another segment of bowel (the intussuscipiens).

Hydrocele and Repair / Hydrocelectomy

When is the best time to repair a hydrocele? What happens during the repair of a hydrocele? How is the recovery after a hydrocele repair?

Hypospadias and Chordee Repair

I was told my new baby may have a hypospadias. Is it serious?

Hypospadias is one of the most common congenital anomaly and causes spraying of urine (this wets the pants when the child is standing to pee) and curved erection (chordee which may be painful).


Laceration Repair

Oh dear my child has a cut/ laceration after a fall! What should I do?

Is it a minor injury? When does my child need a repair/ stitch?

pediatric mucocele

Lip Swelling and Mucocele Excision

Why is there a swelling in my child’s inner lip or mouth?

What is a mucocele or mucous cyst?


Meckel’s Diverticulum and Excision

A Meckel’s diverticulum is a remnant of the umbilical cord connection to the small intestine. When it becomes symptomatic (pain, bleeding, vomiting or obstipation), it needs excision. There is a risk of infection, intestinal obstruction, perforation and death.

Pelviureteric junction obstruction and Repair / Pyeloplasty

Pelvic ureteric junction obstruction (PUJO) is a blockage where the kidney pelvis join the ureter. This is an internal narrowing or a blood vessel causing external compression. When untreated, this causes worsening kidney function, swelling of the kidney (hydronephrosis) and predisposes to injury and pain.

icecream (2) - Copy

Tongue Tie and Release / Frenulotomy

New mums may sometimes be concerned about not being able to breastfeed their babies well.
When should tongue tie be a consideration in such instances? What is tongue tie and what can be done about it?
boat-undescended testes

Undescended Testes

Why is my son’s testis not in the scrotum? What is the risk of leaving an undescended testis alone? What is the best treatment for an undescended testis?

Vesicoureteric reflux

Vesicoureteric Reflux (VUR)

My son has recurrent urinary tract infection, and the doctor diagnosed vesicoureteric reflux (VUR). What is it? What causes vesicoureteric reflux (VUR)? How is vesicoureteric reflux (VUR) diagnosed? How is vesicoureteric reflux treated? What is done during a cystoscopic Deflux injection? What are the risks of a cystoscopic Deflux injection? What other ways are there to prevent a recurrent urinary tract infection, besides Deflux? Answers and references are as described. 

If you have other enquiries on children’s surgical conditions, feel free to contact us

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