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Bedwetting / Nocturnal Enuresis

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Bedwetting is a common symptom in children. 

With repeated episodes in a toilet trained child, it is worrying to parents who do not understand why it happens. Sometimes, parents misinterpret it as the child being naughty or showing temper or trying to get attention, as seen in this educational cartoon. This can happen when there are new stressors in the child’s life, for example, a new sibling, a new school or a new domestic helper, which confounds the actual cause. 

Bedwetting in a toilet trained child is termed nocturnal enuresis. There are several reasons for example (e.g.) immature bladder, urinary tract infection, bladder bowel dysfunction etc. This needs to be diagnosed by a paediatric urologist or paediatrician. 

Treatment is easily available and ranges from simple measures, for e.g. restricting oral intake and peeing before sleep, enuresis alarm, medications, to cystoscopic botox injections for more complicated cases. 

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Dr Wong Zeng Hao
Dr Wong Zeng Hao

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