Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix (an organ located at the first part of the colon). It results in abdominal pain and may be associated with vomiting and fever. There is a risk of perforation, resulting in generalised infection and death.


The abdomen is entered through keyhole incisions. The appendix is dissected free and removed. When there is pus or perforation, a washout is performed laparoscopically. The incision may need to be extended to remove the appendix safely. After general anaesthesia, your child will need to be monitored in the ward.

Post-operative wound care:

Your child can shower normally. It is important to avoid physical exercise and swimming for 4 weeks to allow the wound to have good healing and strength. Please contact us if there is wound swelling, redness or discharge. 

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Dr Wong Zeng Hao

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